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      Welcome to Tai'an Li Hua Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd. Chinese   |   English
      TQ25-250 series hydraulic system of tower crane
      Hydraulic system for jacking up of TQZ tower crane
      TQZ25 Jacking system
      TQZ31.5/40Jacking system
      TQZ63/80Jacking system
      TQZ250 Jacking system
      • Test report TQZ250
      • Test report TQZ31.5/40
      • Test report TQZ63/80
      • Test report TQZ125/160
          Company profile

      Tai'an Lihua Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd. (Tai'an Dingli Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) is located at the foot of world-famous Taishan. Located in the Tai'an mountain road, wish Yang section, beautiful environment, convenient transportation and strategic location.

      The company covers an area of 30 acres, more than 60 employees, including 5 senior technical staff, mid-level technical personnel 12 people, the annual output value of more than 6000 yuan, the total assets amounted to more than 3000 yuan, net assets of 2500 yuan.
      The company has strong technical strength, advanced testing equipment, perfect customer service service, has formed a set of strict quality control system, ensure product innovation,

        Industry News
      Double happiness! Yang as general pacesetter Tai’ 
      Good news! Congratulations to my company get "nat 
      Company base opening ceremony was held with taish 
      Taian Lihua Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd.: focusi 
      Listing in Qingdao Blue Sea Stock Exchange Center 
      Li Hua hydraulic based in Shandong, serving the w 
      Notes on installation and commissioning of hydrau 
      Correct maintenance of hydraulic cylinder 
        Hydraulic knowledge
      Hydraulic oil is used as a working medium in hydr 
      What does hydraulic technology mean? 
      Noise of hydraulic system and its elimination 
      Noise of hydraulic transmission system and Counte 
      Noise of hydraulic system and its elimination met 
      Classification of hydraulic press according to it 
        Contact Us
      Tai'an Li Hua Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd.
      Manager LIU:18853810333
      Manager GUO:18853866800
      Manager WU:13805488266
      Address:Daiyue District of Shandong city of Tai'an province Zhu Yang Zhen Zhu Yang Cun
      All rights reserved:Tai'an Li Hua Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd. Website:www.vip860028139.cn 管理登錄

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